Bridge of Heaven Winter Camp

MSR Twin Sisters tent

I just got back from an overnight spring-winter camping trip on the Bridge of Heaven, a high ridgeline 2600 feet above Ouray with a killer view of the town and the surrounding San Juan Mountains.


I’ve been wanting to winter camp up there for almost two years now, but have not had a good opportunity to do it yet. With heavy snows the last two days, and a forecast of clear skies for today, I knew the timing was right to get the shot of Ouray smothered in snow. The fact that I sacrificed two surely epic snowboarding pow days to do this trip shows how much I’ve been wanting to get up there to take these photos. But of course it’s always fun to get out and live in the elements every once in a while too.

9 thoughts on “Bridge of Heaven Winter Camp

  1. I’m jealous! I missed my window of opportunity to do any winter camping this year, but at least I can live vicariously through your photos. Until next year at least.

    And the tent shot…I just don’t get tired of glowing tent shots and this one is absolutely awesome. Looks like a fun trip.


  2. The best tent shot in the history of camping…….cavemen included, although they had less megapixels. Really rare and cool shots all the way around, Jack. Amazing!

  3. Jack, 1087 is simply stunning! (tent is too!) I love night photography and I love even more that your doing more and more of it! such beautifully exposed images…truly ones to be proud of! great work Jack.


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