Blue Lakes

Photographing the sunrise at Blue Lakes, Colorado

After over a week of nonstop rainy weather, we finally got out for two nights of camping at Blue Lakes, in the Sneffels Range of Colorado. Though still rainy, the weather broke enough to get out for some nice hikes, including a killer sunrise at the middle Blue Lake.

>> See all my photos from this trip to Blue Lakes here <<

6 thoughts on “Blue Lakes

  1. I was Googled “blue lakes sneffles range colorado” and happened upon this blog. I thought at the very least, you two Colorado bloggers should know about each other if you don’t already. Looks like a kindred spirit if nothing else:
    Kit – enjoying your stuff as always!

  2. Jack… you are the best! I am sorry for the LATE comment! This collection is one of your very BEST!! :toast: The third and the fourth FROM YOUR WEBSITE ARE are my favorites!!! Beautiful details and great dynamic range… :toast:

  3. Breathtakingly Beautiful! And so much different from your trip up there in September! I especially loved the Sunrise Reflection and the panorama above the lakes, and that last one above the waterfall was an especially brilliant angle!

  4. Jack, a couple of those shots could be of Emerald Lake in Canada, although the surrounding mtns are different, but the lake colors are the same. Gorgeous!

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