Aoraki/Mt. Cook

Aoraki, Mt. Cook

The last several days I’ve been based out of Mt. Cook Village, a little tourist outpost based mainly around the Hermitage Hotel, situated in a remote valley at the foot of New Zealand’s highest mountain – Aoraki/Mt. Cook. This region, on the eastern rain shadow of the range, reminds me of the Fitz Roy area of Patagonia, with broad barren basins surrounded by rocketing, glacier-clad peaks. Huge glaciers fill the upper valleys, pouring out into terminal lakes and moraine fields. The mountains are relentlessly steep and rugged here, rising around 8,000 vertical feet above the valley floors.

I’ve scored perfect bluebird weather for the last four days, and have been taking full advantage. I stayed one night up at the Mueller Hut, which is situated on a high ridge with panoramic views of of the surrounding peaks and glaciers. Nothing like basking in the sun on the hut’s deck, watching glacial avalanches across the valley!

Upon return from there, with a good weather forecast, I immediately headed back out after a quick stop to restock my food. I did a three day trip over Ball Pass, a high pass on the south side of Mt. Cook going from the Tasman Glacier valley over to the Hooker Glacier valley. It was so incredible to trek safely through such rugged and glaciated terrain, and I’ve put my crampons and ice axe to good use. This was a challenging route, for me at least, and I feel like I’ve started my New Zealand trip in grand style!

5 thoughts on “Aoraki/Mt. Cook

  1. Great start already Jack!
    You should definitely check out the North Island as well!
    is a good start..
    I also did a 3 days “Great walk” of cannoying on the Whanganui river, very recommended if you like water and green forests..
    and the Northlands north of Oaklands with fabulous beaches and the last survivors of the Kauri trees are also a must see!

  2. In grand style indeed. Sounds like you found your feet and are getting some good Mt Cook info. Keep up the good work……….

  3. Great start Jack!
    I’m all jealous!
    You probably got lots of advice already but I got some more for you:
    1.South Island – Don’t miss climbing Ben Lomond over Queenstown! Best panoramic view of the Remarkable mountain range!
    2.North Island – Don’t miss the Northern Circle and climbing Mount Ngauruhoe :
    3.North Island – if you like water and forests I recommend one of the “great walks”: cannoying for 3 days along the Whanganui River!
    4.North Island – the northlands north of Oakland – beautiful coasts and what remains of the once great Kauri forests..

    Have fun!!

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